We are 2 weeks out from the December 15th deadline to submit private NJ TDB cases for January 1, 2018 start date.  If conversations aren’t underway by early next week to complete apps/obtain employee signatures, it’s probably too late.  Unlike other group benefits that may be submitted right up until the effective date, TDB requires more lead time as we are dealing with the state of New Jersey on plan approvals.   

Reminder- clients who utilize ADP for payroll must make the move on January 1 due to ADP system limitations.  If not 1/1/18, they unfortunately must wait a full year until 1/1/19.

Here is a refresher of what employers need to complete for a private plan (originals required):

  1. Master applications materials signed and completed
  2. Collect 50% + 1 original employee signatures
  3. Notify payroll vendor of change to private plan