Please see the recently announced NJ TDB plan changes for 2019 below. These updates apply to both state and private NJ TDB plans. We still have plenty of time to get groups in for 1/1, with customer decisions being made by mid-November. Thanks!

NJ TDB – 2019 Changes
Employee Rate
Max Employee Contribution
Taxable Wage Limit
Weekly Benefit Max

The Employee Rate continues trending downward to a new historical low. The taxable wage limit and weekly benefit increased by 2% which has been about the norm to keep pace with inflation and salary increases. Employer Rates vary from .10% – .75% depending on claims incidence and get adjusted July 1st.

As you may have seen in previous notes from us, there are bills sitting with the state that will significantly impact NJ TDB plans if passed. The biggest being a change in the benefit percentage for maternity claims to 90%. The state has communicated a minimum of 12 months lead time is necessary for a change like this so it’s looking like 1/1/20 as a potential roll out date. More to follow as we get updates from the state.